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We are happy to advise you by telephone on all questions concerning your aircraft. Our experts can be reached during our business hours Monday to Friday from 7 am to 4 pm.

Aerotechnics employee Wilbert Schmitz

Wilbert Schmitz
Managing director

Phone number: 05674 7007 11

Phone number: 05674 7007 11
E-mail address: mail@airlloyd.de

Aerotechnics employee Lutz Glappa

Lutz Glappa
Technical director

Phone number: 05674 7007 16
E-mail address: lglappa@airlloyd.de

Aerotechnics employee Jens Erbs

Jens Erbs
Calden Station manager

Phone number: 05674 7007 21
E-mail address: jerbs@airlloyd.de

Aerotechnics employee Stefan Friedrichs

Stefan Friedrichs
Logistics manager

Phone number: 05674 7007 13
E-mail address: sfriedrichs@airlloyd.de

Swen Kaiser

Phone number: 05674 7007 22
E-mail address: skaiser@airlloyd.de

René Praulich
Quality assurance manager

Phone number: 05674 7007 25
E-mail address: rpraulich@airlloyd.de

AIR LLOYD - The place to fly

Three locations in Germany, including two flight operation sites and an office for software and hardware development in the area of pipeline support.

What all AIR LLOYD branches have in common is the pursuit of the highest quality, reliability and safety. We promise.

AIR LLOYD Aerotechnics GmbH
Raabstraße 16
D-34379 Calden

Phone: +49 (0) 56 74 / 70 07 11
E-Mail: mail@airlloyd.de

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