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Are you looking for a long-term and reliable CAMO service operation for your aircraft?

We ensure the airworthiness of your helicopter at all times. All necessary measures are always carried out correctly, reliably and in an absolutely qualified way.

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Regular maintenance and compliance with the maintenance requirements of your helicopter are essential in order to be safe in the air at all times. There are many bureaucratic and technical aspects to consider and it is easy to lose track.

You fly - We do the rest!

If your helicopter undergoes the Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) from AIR LLOYD AEROTECHNICS to maintain airworthiness, you can feel safe at all times. Our advanced CAMO+ certification allows us to create and approve a maintenance program for your aircraft, as well as to certify the airworthiness of your aircraft ourselves.

So you can sit back and concentrate on other things, with the certainty that all the necessary measures are always competently done by us.

  • Monitoring operational instructions
  • Control of measure prescribed by the authorities
  • Monitoring of defects, damage, changes. Repairs and their rectification
  • Establishment of decision-making principles for the implementation of non-mandatory changes and/or inspections
  • Monitoring compliance with equipment lists
  • Arrangement of ground runs and test flights for servicing purposes
  • Monitoring and archiving of all records

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Service from A to Z

Technical all-round care-free service

You can sit back and relax, knowing that all measure are always carried out correctly, reliably and quickly by AIR LLOYD AEROTECHNICS.

The maintenance and regular review of the airworthiness of helicopters is regulated by the authorities and must be carried out at regular intervals. From simple maintenance through complex repairs to the approval of your helicopter, we are your EASA Part-145 certified company and your strong partner for maintenance, repair and overhaul at 3 different locations throughout Germany. We also carry out changes and extensions of the type approval and accompany you until the subsequent approval.

Non-airworthy aircraft? No problem!

Of course, our CAMO service package also includes a pick-up and drop-off service in the event of your aircraft being unable to fly, and our experienced staff will find a solution for every logistical problem, so you do not have to worry about anything. A call is enough!

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Fast response & short downtimes

Take off again quickly and safely

40 employees take care of your aircraft in 6 areas of expertise

Keeping the downtime of your aircraft as short as possible is also in our interest. By means of innumerable permissions and certifications AIR LLOYD AEROTECHNICS is able to carry out all repairs, approvals and the subsequent release of your aircraft completely autonomously. The release of the aircraft is thus directly after carrying out the order.

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CAMO - the perfect solution

Take off safely at any time

With CAMO, you place your aircraft in a so-called “monitored environment”. In doing so, you conclude a contract with us. From this point on, we will take care of maintaining and ensuring the airworthiness of your aircraft. As an LBA-approved servicing company, we will then carry out all maintenance and repair work correctly.

Easily record flight hours with ADOC

ADOC is our own software solution that makes it easy to record your flying hours online. Your flight hours form the basis for the maintenance plan. By means of the ADOC system, perfect and complete documentation are guaranteed.

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Keep your helicopter up to date!

With the CAMO service of AIR LLOYD AEROTECHNICS we think of everything. Is your helicopter included too?

AIR LLOYD AEROTECHNICS offers maintenance and repair services for many common aircraft and helicopter models and manufacturers. We not only have the necessary type ratings, certificates and type ratings, but also experienced technicians for the maintenance of your aircraft.

CAMO service for airplanes CAMO service for helicopters
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Safety from
aircraft experts

Reliable CAMO service for more than 61 years

With our CAMO service package we ensure that the necessary measures are performed correctly, reliably and in the most qualified manner, preserving the airworthiness of your helicopter.

Broad expertise

We repair and maintain airplanes up to 5700kg, helicopters, motor gliders, gliders, turbine engines and components.

CAMO+ operation

As a CAMO+ certified company, we can issue the release of your helicopter independently and without external inspection - directly after performing the CAMO services.

All-round carefree service

With AEROTECHNICS' services, you can sit back and relax without having to worry. We take care of everything for you!

Pick up and delivery service

No matter where your helicopter is at the moment, whether it is airworthy or not - we will make sure that your helicopter finds its way to us.

Short downtimes

All pending work, approvals and clearances take place just-in-time, so you never have to do without your helicopter for long.

Fast response times

One inquiry or phone call is all it takes for us to get started right away.

Control of official instructions

AEROTECHNICS also takes care of complying with and managing the official instructions and updating all the necessary paperwork for your helicopter.

From pickup to registration

From A to Z, we take care of everything that concerns the airworthiness of your helicopter. So you can take off again quickly & safely.

Automatic notifications

We always keep a reliable eye on all inspection and maintenance intervals for you and notify you in good time.

Robinson Service Partner

As an officially listed Robinson Service Partner, we carry out CAMO services on all approved Robinson helicopter models.

AIR LLOYD - The place to fly

Three locations in Germany, including two flight operation sites and an office for software and hardware development in the area of pipeline support.

What all AIR LLOYD branches have in common is the pursuit of the highest quality, reliability and safety. We promise.

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