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All-in-One solution: ADOC

Aircraft Documentation & Organisation Controlling

ADOC is software developed by AIR LLOYD AEROTECHNICS for the recording and control of your aircraft With the ADOC, all components, parts and servicing work of an aircraft can be recorded and monitored. After entering the current operating time, the remaining periods are determined. All components and servicing work due are highlighted and can be conveniently printed out.

ADOC includes all national inspection intervals as well as all manufacturer control intervals. With ADOC you monitor the entire ongoing airworthiness of your aircraft.

ADOC is available to all of our customers in the CAMO area to manage their aircraft. We also offer ADOC for sale to other AOCs, our own IT department allows the program to be perfectly tailored to your needs.

  • Meets the requirements of CAMO, approved by the LBA
  • Multi-terminal Also as a web solution for worldwide access
  • Service inspection overview
  • Overview of current directives
  • Intuitive and clear operation
  • Plan and organise flight operations
  • Access to type training courses of the manufacturers

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