Über 50 Jahre Expertise als Luftfahrtunternehmen


Since time immemorial, our maxim has been “the very best”. And today? As a leading systems provider, we offer holistic concepts and we like to think outside the box. We don’t shy away from challenging tasks or difficult operating conditions. And all this while maintaining our focus on safety and offering a fair price-performance ratio. We have our own fleet of modern, young helicopters, which we service regularly to the highest standards in our own aviation operations. Our experienced, permanent pilots, our internationally recognised flight school, our dedicated, expert staff, and our sound business management provide the foundations for our biggest concern: first-class reliability, outstanding results and the perfect outcome for our customers. We work with passion and enthusiasm, but also with professionalism and the necessary sense of responsibility. It's about "how we do it", and how we do it is unique. More about the company’s history



AIR LLOYD: Motivation, Erfolg und Zufriedenheit auf ganzer Linie


Appreciation, openness, trust – these are the pillars on which AIR LLOYD is based, both as a company and as a team of employees. These are not mere buzzwords, but everyday values which create the conditions for motivation, success and satisfaction across the board. Both our internal relationships and our dealings with customers and partners are characterised by appreciation, fairness, esteem and respect. A positive attitude is the order of the day, as well as a particular openness to new ideas, different views, change processes, other cultures and criticism.

We are happy to debate, because the constructive weighing of different opinions is the only way to make and stand by our decisions. Keyword: responsibility. As the basis for well-functioning teamwork, a high degree of freedom is indispensable.

Every single person is required to act entrepreneurially and autonomously. The result: a strong team that stands by their word.



AIR LLOYD offers professional type ratings and refresher courses for the following helicopter models:

Robinson R22

Robinson R22

  • Output: 160 HP
  • Take-off power: 131 HP
  • Continuous output: 124 HP
  • Max. speed: 189 km/hr
  • Range: approx. 2.5 hrs/approx. 520 km
  • Seats: Pilot + 1 passenger
Robinson R44

Robinson R44

  • Output: 280 HP
  • Take-off power: 245 HP
  • Continuous output: 205
  • Max. speed: 220 km/hr
  • Range: approx. 3.0 hrs/approx. 640 km
  • Seats: Pilot + 3 passengers
Robinson R66

Robinson R66

  • Output: 300 HP
  • Take-off power: 270 HP
  • Continuous output: 224 HP
  • Max. speed: 250 km/hr
  • Range: approx. 3.0 hrs/approx. 650 km
  • Seats: Pilot + 4 passengers
BELL 206 B 3

BELL 206 B 3

  • Output: 420 HP
  • Take-off power: 386 HP
  • Max. speed: 220 km/hr
  • Range: approx. 3.0 hrs/approx. 720 km
  • Seats: Pilot + 4 passengers
MD 900/902

MD 900/902

  • Twin-engined helicopter with turbine drive
  • Max. take-off weight: 2948 kg
  • Output: 2 x 650 PS
  • Speed: 240 km/hr
  • Area of use: Air ambulance, passenger transport, air freight
Eurocopter BO 105

Eurocopter BO 105 CBS 5

  • Twin-engined helicopter with turbine drive
  • Max. take-off weight: 2,500 kg
  • Output: 2 x 420 PS
  • Speed: 245 km/hr
  • Area of use: Passenger transport, freight, special operations
Eurocopter AS 355

Eurocopter AS 355

  • Twin-engined helicopter with turbine drive
  • Max. take-off weight: 2540 kg
  • Output: 2 x 425 PS
  • Speed: 240 km/hr
  • Area of use: Transport and rescue helicopter

In addition, we also offer type ratings for the following models:

R22, R44, R66, HU369, MD500N/60, AS350, Bell206/206l, AS355, EC135, EC145, BO105, MD900/902

In addition, we also offer type ratings for the following models:

  • Eurocopter 135P/EC 135T
  • Eurocopter BO 105
  • MD 500N/600 and HU 369




    AIR LLOYD sees itself as a benchmark in European commercial aviation. We provide an extensive range of services at the highest level, including flight training, aerial work, helicopter sales and maintenance. In terms of performance, quality, safety and innovation, we intend to maintain and constantly expand our market-leading brand power.


    Open, cooperative, fast, innovative and flexible – this is where you count! In order to guarantee services which offer maximum benefits to our customers, it is essential to enter into a lively dialogue in advance. You make the demands, and we react to them. Our objective: to fly high in every sense! That is why we are only satisfied when you are. Standing still is alien to us.


    Qualified, committed, purposeful and responsible! AIR LLOYD employees bring their skills, knowledge and experience to a business that has more than 50 years of knowledge and experience. Flat hierarchies, a cooperative management style, clear communication and personnel development ensure that our team is a solid driver of success.


    Here, quality is the number one priority. We stand by this claim, and also set it as a benchmark for our partner companies. Safety is another essential criterion. This is why we select our suppliers with great care, continuously review all links in the value chain, and constantly strive to optimise our process design.


    The indispensable search for improvement opportunities and undiscovered potential! We never settle for what we have already achieved. We constantly strive to perfect our products and services in consultation with our customers, suppliers and the aviation authorities. AIR LLOYD sets standards in quality, safety and service. One step ahead of the rest.


    Quality standards: enormous. The demands on our products, services and processes are based on the highest standards. They have to be efficient, reliable, safe and, above all, high-quality. We rise to this challenge thanks to our established quality management system, which goes above and beyond the existing regulatory framework. We make no compromises in this area.


    Awareness of social responsibility is a matter of course for us. In this area, we take into account different cultures, customs, values and norms in different countries, as well as legal and social systems. We rely on open communication with the authorities, and offer our services in accordance with the rules.


    Sustainable and responsible: It is our corporate duty to ensure the health of our employees and customers. That's why we rely on savvy, experienced staff and the highest maintenance standards for out aircraft. In addition, it is of great importance to us that our production processes are environmentally friendly, and that we deal with the resources available to us in a responsible manner.


    Faster, higher, further – but to a healthy extent. Qualitative, sustainably profitable growth boosts our earnings and financial standing, which is essential for securing the company’s continued existence and further development. Financial independence, freedom of choice and an active awareness of entrepreneurial opportunities are also crucial!


AIR LLOYD - the aviation company with history and a philosophy! Principles such as quality, safety and reliability have always determined our orientation.

Gründung der AIR LLOYD

Foundation of AIR LLOYD Deutsche Pflanzenschutz Fluggesellschaft mbH by the Gerling Group in Cologne: flight training and crop protection flights on national and international territory.

1970: Umzug von Köln nach Hangelar

Move from Cologne to HangelarMove from Cologne-Bonn aerodrome to the new Hangelar aerodrome. Pictured here: former CEO Sepp Bauer (centre left), Minister Josef Ertl (centre right)


1973: Start der Überwachungsflüge

Start of monitoring and surveillance flightsStart of our monitoring and surveillance flights for high-pressure gas pipelines and high-voltage power lines.

1981: Erweiterung des Leistungsspektrums

Extension of the range of servicesExpansion of the business purpose to include maintenance and repair of helicopters and other aviation equipment.

1983: Erschließung neuer Geschäftsfelder

Development of new business fieldsDevelopment of new business fields e.g. pilot transfers, activities in Spain. Maintenance of the ADAC air rescue fleet..

1991: Neue Außenstelle am Flugplatz Halle-Oppin

New field office at the Halle-Oppin aerodromeOpening of the field office at the Halle-Oppin aerodrome.

1992: Air Lloyd Luftfahrt Technik GmbH (ALT) wird eigenständige Gesellschaft

Air Lloyd Luftfahrt Technik GmbH (ALT) becomes an independent companySpin-off foundation of Air Lloyd Luftfahrt Technik GmbH (ALT) as an independent company.

1993: Vorstellung des neuen R44 Hubschraubers

Presentation of the new R44 helicopterPresentation of the first R44 helicopter in Europe by AIR LLOYD, SN 018, D-HILL, R44 ASTRO


Start of development of the “Digital Pipeline Reporting System" (Digitaler Meldesystem Pipeline, DMP), in collaboration with Verbundnetzgas AG, Leipzig

1996: Digitales Meldesystem zur Pipelineüberwachung
1996: Entwicklung eines eigenen Systems zur Pipelinüberwachung
1997: Erster Type-Rating-Kurs
1997: Berufspilotenaus- und -weiterbildung für Polizeistaffeln

First MD 900 type rating course and delivery of MD900 to ADAC Luftrettung GmbH

Intensification of training activities, especially professional pilot training and further training for the Lower Saxony and Baden-Württemberg police squadrons

2004: Weiterentwicklung des Überwachungssystems für Pipelines
Start des CHARM Projekts zur Gasleckdetektion

Further development of the DMP into the "Geowork" family (GeoworkPAD, GeoworkNET and GeoworkBASE)

Launch of the CHARM project as a system for remote gas detection, in cooperation with E-ON, Adlares and the German Aerospace Centre (Deutschen Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V., DLR).


Release of the new corporate identity in conjunction with the complete redesign of the website

50th anniversary of the AIR LLOYD brand!

2013: 50-jähriges Jubiläum von AIR LLOYD!

HELITEC Helicopter Technik GmbH becomes AIR LLOYD Aerotechnics GmbH with effect from 01 October 2018.


AIR LLOYD Deutsche Helicopter Flugservice GmbH becomes AIR LLOYD Flight Services GmbH with effect from 01.02.2020.