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ME-IR(H) Multi-Engine Instrument Rating

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The ME-IR(H) multi-engine helicopter instrument rating is for helicopter pilots who want to take their flying expertise to the next level, as well as acquiring a useful additional qualification. After successful completion of the training, you will be able to manoeuvre helicopters safely in difficult weather conditions and poor visibility.


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Flight school certified by the German Federal Aviation Authority

Naturally AIR LLOYD is certified as a training organisation by the German Federal Aviation Authority (Luftfahrt-Bundesamt)

More than 61 years of experience

Founded in 1963, AIR LLOYD has been training helicopter pilots since the very beginning

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We also attach great importance to training of international students and authorities

Flight instructors with practical experience only

Experienced flight instructors at both flight operation sites – Halle-Oppin and Bonn Hangelar

Flexible learning: eAcademy

Our theoretical training can also be completed as a distance learning course

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The ME-IR(H) Type Rating

Multi-Engine Instrument Rating for Helicopter pilots

The ME-IR(H) instrument rating has become almost indispensable for commercial operations involved in passenger transport.

A helicopter equipped with two engines offers additional safety compared to other helicopters, as it can continue the flight in any flight phase (flight performance class 1) in the event of one failed engine (OEI: one engine inoperative).

The ability to complete flights safely in the event of limited visibility and/or in the event of possible engine failure makes the ME-IR(H) type rating an essential component for professional pilots, and a worthwhile objective for ambitious private pilots.

Once you have the ME-IR(H) type rating, you will be entitled to fly as a Pilot in Command (PIC) under instrument flight rules (IFR). Such pilots are capable of multi-tasking and able to fly the aircraft safely while coping with potential challenges.

The advantage of this additional qualification

Air Lloyd’s ME-IR(H) training will ensure you are eligible for the best opportunities on the job market. These days you need the ME-IR(H) qualification for various professions in the field of aviation, for example air rescuecommercial passenger transport or offshore aviation. These types of deployment are exclusively carried out using multi-engine helicopters with instrument flying capabilities. Thus, this qualification offers an attractive way to develop yourself and your flying skills..

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Requirements for ME-IR(H)

Multi-Engine Instrument Rating

The ME-IR(H) multi-engine instrument rating for helicopters is for helicopter pilots who want to acquire a useful additional qualification, as well as taking their flying expertise to the next level. Requirements include:

  • CPL(H) or PPL(H) with night rating
  • Radiotelephony rights (AZF or similar)
  • Level 4 English language skills
  • 50 hours overland flight as PIC in helicopters (only for candidates without ATPL(H)/IR, ATPL(H), CPL(H)/IR or CPL(H) integrated course)
  • EC135 type rating (if not already acquired)

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Theoretical Training

Procedure and content

  • 010 Aviation legislation
  • 020 General aircraft knowledge
  • 030 Flight planning
  • 040 Human performance capacity
  • 050 Meteorology
  • 060 Navigation
  • 092 IFR communication

Candidates who have successfully passed the CPL(H) Theory (13 partial exams) will no longer be required to pass 040 Human Performance Capacity and 050 Meteorology.

A pass in the IR(A) or IR(H) theory exam completed in the last 3 years will also be accepted.

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Training procedure

Training duration

In principle, you should allow 6-8 weeks for the entire practical training procedure. During this time, you will be scheduled 40 hours in the simulator (FNPT II) and 10 hours in an EC135 helicopter. There will also be theoretical classes in the training room, pre-flight discussions and post-flight debriefings.

Training site

Both the theoretical and practical flight training take place at AIR LLOYD in Bonn-Hangelar, Germany. The FNPT II simulator training takes place in Trento, Italy.


After you have successfully completed the theoretical exams and instrument flight training, you are ready to take the practical exam. It is our top priority to prepare you for this day to the best of our ability. The practical exam consists of a one-hour flight during which you will be tested on the procedures you have learnt. After you pass the exam, the EASA Part-FCL ME-IR (H) Single-Pilot Permission will be entered in your licence by the competent authority.

Navigation equipment for flights


Our school is an Approved Training Organisation certified by the German Federal Aviation Authority, and is approved for aeronautical training. All courses offered are approved to EASA Part-FCL level


In order to best facilitate your further training, we can arrange cost-effective local accommodation for you. It is just a 10-minute walk from our flight school and offers a quiet, friendly atmosphere.

Seasoned instructors with practical experience

Our highly qualified instructors come from a range of different fields. We only employ instructors who have worked for renowned aviation companies and who possess a high degree of experience. This means that we can provide you with hands-on, professional training. During your training, you will be supported by your own personal flight instructor, as well as by the rest of our staff and the training supervisor. In this way, we guarantee to optimise your training progress.

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