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Type Ratings

Further training taken literally!

Looking for additional qualifications? Different type ratings permit you to pilot different aircraft models. In our case, they permit you to pilot helicopter models which differ from the helicopter you trained in.

We are an Approved Training Organisation (ATO), which means we are approved as a training company by the German Federal Aviation Authority. This allows us to train private and professional pilots to fly several different helicopter models. You receive both theoretical and practical instruction on the respective helicopter model, and you must pass the final exam for the training to count. The additional type rating is then entered on your pilot's licence.

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Approved Training Organisation (ATO)

Approved training company for private pilots, professional pilots and flight instructors

Practice dealing with emergency situations safely

Flight simulator training in cooperation with the ADAC HEMS Academy


AIR LLOYD offers the complete range of language levels

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Full Flight Simulators

Training for dangerous situations

Train in a more efficient and environmentally conscious manner, regardless of the weather and around the clock, and face critical or even dangerous situations that you could never practice in a real helicopter. How? In simulator training!

In cooperation with the ADAC HEMS Academy, AIR LLOYD is able to offer the EC135 Type Rating, which brings you unimagined advantages.

At the core of the training are two full-flight simulators (JAR-FSTD H Level A) for the EC135 and EC145 models. These have a field of vision of 210° horizontally and 60° vertically. The vertical field of vision is divided into 20° upwards and 40° downwards.

The system is based on ten high-performance projectors arranged in two rows of five. This projector system makes it possible to represent realistically every conceivable type of weather, lighting and visibility – even flights with NVG (night vision goggles) are a possibility!

The motion system is of the highest level currently available, and allows flight simulations that, for safety reasons alone, would never be feasible with a real helicopter.

Performance overview

  • 2 full flight simulators
  • Ten high-performance projectors
  • Train safely for all conceivable dangerous situations
  • State-of-the-art motion system with the highest approval level currently available

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Emergency Situations

Risk-free crew training

For the first time in the world, there is training software on the market that prepares helicopter crews for emergencies, thus sustainably increasing the safety of pilots, passengers and aircraft.

Using an elaborate process, newly founded company ProPilots GmbH has produced a range of 3D films which enable pilots to train for every imaginable dangerous situation in a realistic manner, and as often as they want. The Internet-based software allows round-the-clock access, in contrast to practical training flights, which usually take place less often for financial reasons, and which can only represent only a small proportion of potential emergency situations.

As an AIR LLOYD customer, you receive a 20% discount on ProPilots products.

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[...] friendly people who know their trade and "convey" their inexhaustible flying experience with great joy, great commitment and without any excitement or attitude!
Paul F. Ressle

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ICAO Language Proficiency

LANGUAGE EXAMS PURSUANT TO § 125 a of the German Regulations for Aviation Personnel (Verordnung über Luftfahrtpersonal)

The internationalisation of aviation results in the meeting of many cultures, and linguistic problems can often arise. To minimise this, the ICAO has created language levels in order to establish an international standard for all pilots and thus improve safety. AIR LLOYD offers the complete range of available language levels, Levels 4, 5 and 6.

Initial test

The initial language proficiency test is the first individual language test that a pilot or air traffic controller can take. If you pass this initial test successfully, depending on your level of ICAO language proficiency you will continue to have to sit language tests at regular intervals to be able to continue exercising the language proficiency rights related to your aviation licence.

Test procedure

In order to examine your language skills, the test is divided into two parts. One part tests your listening comprehension, and while the other part tests your speaking skills.

Repeating the test

There are two options for repeating the test:

1. You will be tested independently of a check flight (or simulator check). If this is the case, the test will be separated into listening comprehension and speaking skills. They are identical in design and implementation.

2. You will be tested as part of your check flight. In this case, the listening comprehension part of the test may be examined during the check flight itself. The speaking skills part of the test will take place separately, and on the ground. ICAO language test.

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Plane equipment

Useful information

  • The initial test and the retest differ in form and scope.
  • Initial tests are usually given by the German Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) or so-called LTOs (Language Test Organisations). These are accepted by AIR LLOYD in cooperation with TIBO Aviation.
  • Retests are given by AIR LLOYD’s language examiner.

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  VFR ( Visual Flight Rules ) IFR ( Instrument Flight Rules )
Level 4 4 Years 3 Years
Level 5 8 Years 6 Years
Level 6 No retest necessary No retest necessary

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