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AIR LLOYD makes it possible for you to become a professional helicopter pilot thanks to its well thought-out, hands-on training. Our flight instructors are seasoned, experienced pilots who continuously test their flying skills in their day-to-day work, and who are always willing to pass on their knowledge. In other words, not only do we apply our expertise to the training itself, but, above all, we also know what’s essential in day-to-day flying. Land your dream job!


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More than 61 years of experience

Founded in 1963, AIR LLOYD has been training helicopter pilots since the very beginning

Countless successful graduates

We also attach great importance to training of international students and authorities

Flight instructors with practical experience only

Experienced flight instructors at both flight operation sites – Halle-Oppin and Bonn Hangelar

Flexible learning: eAcademy

Flexible learning: eAcademyOur theoretical training can also be completed as a distance learning course

Part-ORA certification

Naturally AIR LLOYD is certified as a training organisation by the German Federal Aviation Authority (Luftfahrt-Bundesamt)

Navigation equipment for flights

General requirements for CPL(H) and ATPL(H)/VFR

  • Minimum age: 17 years at the start of training and 18 years when acquiring a license (minors require a declaration of consent from their legal guardian)
  • PPL(H) private helicopter pilot’s licence pursuant to ICAO regulations
  • Class 1 aviation medical certification
  • Certificate of attendance on a 'First Aid' course, dated not more than 2 years ago
  • Background check pursuant to § 7 of the German Aviation Security Act
  • Current excerpt from the central traffic register
  • Declaration on pending criminal proceedings
  • Proof of identity in the form of a copy of your ID card or passport
  • BZF I radiotelephony certification is integrated into the course

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Two yellow and one red Air Lloyd helicopters

The procedure on how to become a professional pilot

The modular training for CPL(H) or ATPL(H)/VFR takes place at our two sites in Halle-Oppin and Bonn Hangelar. The modular training structure enables you to train while you work.  

  1. If you don’t already have it, you must first acquire your PPL(H) private pilot’s licence.
  2. The modular training time for the ATPL(H)/VFR professional pilot’s licence includes 18 weeks of theoretical training during which the necessary teaching hours are completed. Part of this can also be done via the eAcademy as a distance learning course. On-site classes take place at our two locations in Halle-Oppin and Bonn Hangelar
  3. The practical part of the training is based around individual appointments with you
  4. The theoretical exam takes place at the German Federal Aviation Authority (Luftfahrt-Bundesamt, LBA) in Braunschweig
  5. You will sit the practical exam with a recognised FE(H) examiner

Need more information? No problem. We are happy to answer all kinds of detailed questions about training requirements, content, procedure, licence validity and prices

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Right from the start, the flight school was friendly and welcoming, and training in Oppin was always a great pleasure. [...]
Christian Rudolph

It was such a huge buzz, flying with AIR LLOYD is always an amazing experience!
Christian Wolf

[...] The flight instructors endeavor not only to prepare the student for the test, but also to pass on as much of their own experience as possible.

Theoretical comparison: CPL(H) and ATPL(H)/VFR

The difference between CPL(H) and ATPL(H)/VFR training lies solely in the theoretical training. The practical training is identical.

Der Theorievergleich: CPL(H) vs. ATPL(H)/VFR

Stands for Commercial Pilot Helicopter
deutsch: Berufspilotenlizenz Hubschrauber
Airline Transport Pilot Licence Helicopter Visual flight rules
deutsch: Verkehrspilotenlizenz Helikopter nach Sichtflugregeln
Previous knowledge At least 155 flight hours in helicopters, of which 50 hours PIC (Pilot in Command), 10 hours overland and at least 1 flight min. 300 NM with landings at 2 aerodromes. You can start training as soon as you have your PPL(H) licence.
Further requirements Proof of sufficient knowledge in:
  • Maths
  • Physics
Proof of sufficient knowledge in:
  • Maths
  • Physics
  • English
Minimum study time 9 weeks 16 weeks
Theoretical teaching hours At least 250 teaching hours At least 550 of teaching hours
Theoretical teaching hours with the eAcademy A further 60 on-site teaching hours A further 85 on-site teaching hours
Theoretical content
  • Aviation legislation and air traffic control procedures
  • Navigation
  • General aircraft knowledge
  • Flight performance and planning
  • Meteorology
  • Aerodynamics
  • Operational procedures
  • Human performance capacity
  • Radio communication
  • Aviation legislation and air traffic control procedures
  • Navigation
  • General aircraft knowledge
  • Flight performance and planning
  • Meteorology
  • Aerodynamics
  • Operational procedures
  • Human performance capacity
  • Radio communication

Responsible pilot for helicopter with one pilot

Yes Yes

Copilot for helicopter with more than one pilot

Yes Yes

Responsible pilot for helicopters with more than one pilot


MEH (Multi Engine Helicopter) type rating

Only with extra FTO or TRTO training; cost (incl. eBook, CD and questions coach) Yes

Our clear preference is for ATPL(H)-VFR Theoretical training
We explain why: ATPL(H)-VFR theoretical training places you in a better position in the long run compared to CPL(H) theoretical training. We are convinced that in future this training path will play a major role in many companies' day-to-day flight operations. The practical training content of the course is identical to the CPL(H) professional helicopter pilot’s licence. So opt for the ATPL(H)-VFR theoretical training in conjunction with the eAcademy and ensure that you are well prepared for the future!

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AIR LLOYD - D-HMDX helicopter

Practical training as a professional pilot

The practical training is identical for the CPL(H) and ATPL(H)-VFR licences.

  • 35 flight hours (including 5 hours night flight)
  • Pre- and post-flight checks and procedures
  • Hovering exercises, advanced flying exercises and guiding the helicopter in difficult terrain
  • Navigation
  • Flight exercises using the instruments
  • Exceptional and emergency procedures
  • Includes Part-FCL Annex 4-C
The cockpit with many control elements.

Professional pilot distance learning

The AIR LLOYD eAcademy

We are proud to be able to present you with a complete distance learning programme in cooperation with Boeing Services Deutschland GmbH – the most flexible and up-to-date solution for theoretical training to become a professional (or private) pilot!

Intelligent next-level learning on your PC revolutionises the theoretical training to become a helicopter pilot. AIR LLOYD is the first helicopter flight school in Germany to offer its own distance learning course plus the appropriate practical training. So far, e-systems such as this have only been offered by purely theoretical schools. At AIR LLOYD you get everything from the same experienced source!

The eAcademy offers a state-of-the-art learning concept that is perfectly tailored to your needs, both methodologically and technologically. And you know what?... You can learn when, where and how it works best for you!

  • Individual web-based training with interactive software
  • Integration of the EXAM 11.0 softwareTest questions by topic
  • Special ‘track and report’ system
  • No special hardware or installation required, includes automatic updates
  • 'Print-on-demand' incl. active paper on request
  • iPad app available (not PPL, UL or CVFR)

Want to know how you can integrate the eAcademy into your professional pilot training? Get in touch:

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Learning with the eAcademy

When you study with the eAcademy you will be assigned interactive learning material, chapter by chapter, depending on the licence you are training for. You work it through each chapter independently and then answer topic-related test questions to see how well you’ve done. In this way, you consolidate your knowledge as you learn!

Instructors are always aware of each student’s individual training level, as the integrated ‘track and report’ component automatically documents study times and results as a background process. The eAcademy courses should be understood as individual courses. As a flight school, we then put together a variety of courses for you depending on your personal requirements and those of the authorities.

Find out more from our partner: Boeing Services Deutschland GmbH.

FAQ Flight school
Frequently asked questions about helicopter pilot training

What is the difference between PPL (H), CPL (H) and ATPL (H)?

PPL(H) is the abbreviation for Private Pilot License, the pilot's license for private pilots. The H in brackets behind it stands for Helicopter. CPL(H), the Commercial Pilot License, describes the pilot's license for professional pilots. The pilot training for helicopters ATPL(H), Airline Transport Pilot License, stands for the training to become a commercial pilot specializing in helicopters. After passing the examination, the CPL(H) training enables you to fly a helicopter with a pilot as a pilot or co-pilot. After completing ATPL(H) pilot training, you will be able to fly helicopters with more than one pilot as a pilot or co-pilot. You will also receive a type rating for MEH (Multi Engine Helicopter). This additional rating can only be obtained in the CPL(H) pilot training course by attending an extra course

What additional qualifications do I need to train as a professional helicopter pilot?

In contrast to flight training to become a commercial pilot ATPL(H), which can be completed directly after obtaining the private pilot license PPL(H), prior knowledge is required for flight training to become a commercial pilot CPL(H). This amounts to at least 155 flight hours as well as knowledge in the fields of mathematics and physics. Further information on the requirements can be found here or you can obtain it in a personal interview with one of our experienced employees on site by appointment or by telephone on 034 604 309 14.

Knowledge of mathematics and physics is also required for ATPL(H) pilot training. In addition, you must be able to speak English. Do you have little or no knowledge of English? No problem, AIR LLOYD offers language tests for all levels.

Is it possible to do a trial flight beforehand?

It is possible to take a trial flight at any time. During this flight you can see whether you like flying.
However, it is not possible for the instructor to assess your suitability during this short period. This can be recognized after the first 5-10 flying hours.

How long does helicopter pilot training take?

Are you aiming to obtain a PPL(H) private pilot's license? This requires at least 100 hours of instruction in various theoretical subjects. These can be completed over eight weekends or in the form of individual training. As a flight school, we recommend a training period of eight months for the practical part. During your pilot training, you can collect your flying hours with one of our experienced flight instructors. It is particularly important to the AIR LLOYD team to prepare you optimally for the exam.

The theory part of the CPL(H) commercial pilot training consists of at least 250 hours of instruction and an additional 60 hours of close-up instruction. The theory part of the ATPL(H) helicopter pilot training is more extensive. In this case, as a student pilot, you will complete at least 550 hours of instruction and a further 85 hours of close-up instruction. The practical part of both flight training courses is identical.

Which helicopter models can I fly after the training?

Which helicopter models you are allowed to fly depends entirely on the type ratings you have acquired. If you have not yet acquired any additional qualifications, you may fly the helicopter model in which you have passed your test. As an Approved Training Organization, we are of course trained and authorized to qualify you to fly other helicopter models.

How much does helicopter training cost?

Of course, the cost of your pilot training depends entirely on the type and scope of your desired goal. For example, if you already have previous knowledge or a private pilot's license and you would now like to train as a commercial pilot, the costs for flight training will be lower. Contact us and we will talk to you individually about your ideas and goals.

Are there any financing options?

Unfortunately not through the flight schools or flight companies.
As a rule, the financing models are secured by training loans or family loans.

What jobs can I take up after obtaining my commercial pilot's license?

Everyone has the dream of turning their hobby into a career. As a professional pilot, you can fulfill this dream. As a flight school, we are happy to take on the task of training you to become a highly trained helicopter pilot. Getting a job as a helicopter pilot in the private sector depends entirely on the current job market. As a helicopter company, we are also interested in having you join our team after your training.

What are the chances of being employed by you after the apprenticeship?

Vacancies regularly arise and these are primarily filled by graduates of our ATO.
These have been standardized during their training and we already know their flying skills.

Where and for how long is my flight license valid?

Once you have acquired your flying license, it is valid. However, regular inspections/check flights are mandatory and must be carried out. Every type rating must be renewed every 12 months in the form of two flight hours and a proficiency check. We provide you with competent support for all check flights and further training and keep you up to date at all times. If you have forgotten your annual check, you can renew your authorization at our flight school. For more detailed information, please contact one of our experienced employees.

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With which helicopter license am I allowed to transport people?

Passenger transport is permitted with a private pilot's license PPL(H) as well as with a commercial pilot's license CPL(H) and an airline transport pilot's license ATPL(H). However, there are significant differences here. While helicopter pilots with private pilot training can only carry out non-commercial flights (as part of a leisure activity with acquaintances, friends and family), commercial pilots ATPL(H) and CPL(H) are permitted to carry out commercial passenger transportation.

Can I fly in all weather conditions?

In order to be allowed to fly in difficult weather conditions, you need an instrument rating in the ME-IR(H) multi-engine helicopter. This special flight training can be completed at AIR LLOYD and, after passing the test, entitles you to fly helicopters even in poor visibility and critical weather conditions.

Despite special flight training, it is ultimately always the pilot's decision whether the flight can take place or has to be canceled.

Can pilot training be completed alongside a professional activity?

Are you working but would like to obtain a helicopter pilot' s license? At AIR LLOYD, you can perfectly combine your job with flying lessons during your helicopter pilot training. As a flight school, we offer a complete program for the entire theoretical part of your flight training for both professional pilot CPL(H) or ATPL(H) and private pilot PPL(H) training. This allows you to decide individually and flexibly when and where you want to learn for your pilot's license.

What simplifications are there in theory and practice?

For PPL(A) holders with 60 or more flying hours, 6 flying hours are credited towards the 45 flying hours required for the PPL(H). All general subjects are recognized in theory and do not have to be repeated.
In commercial pilot training, there are further exemptions, which are very varied and will be discussed during the interview.

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Where does helicopter pilot training take place?

Our flight school is located at Bonn-Hangelar airfield and Halle-Oppin airfield. Our trained flight instructors will train you there in close-up instruction. If you are training for the instrument rating in the ME-IR(H) multi-engine helicopter, your simulator training will take place in Trento, Italy.

Can I visit the training location before I start?

Yes, we look forward to your visit and will be happy to show you the training rooms and, of course, the helicopters.

Is there accommodation near the flight school?

Beautiful and affordable accommodation is just a few minutes' walk from our flight school. This ensures that you can fully focus on your helicopter pilot training.

What happens if I have to withdraw from the booked course for personal/health reasons?

There is a withdrawal clause in the contract.

What are the requirements for commercial pilot training?

Health (medical examination class II for the PPL(H) or class I for the CPL(H)).
High school diploma is an advantage but not mandatory,
18 years of age with completion of the practical examination.
The financial security of the training in your individual training phases.

What are the health requirements for a flight?

You will need a medical fitness certificate 1 and 2 for this.

Can I also become a pilot if I have minor health problems? (e.g. wear glasses)

You may wear glasses. However, you must not be colorblind.

We will be happy to answer any individual questions you may have. Get in touch with us.

When can I start my training with you?

At any time, as we offer modular training.

What does AIR LLOYD offer me as a flight school that other providers do not?

AIR LLOYD has been one of the leading helicopter companies in the market for 57 years. With us, you learn from the best - our flight instructors have an average flight time of at least 900 hours per year.

Do you have any questions?
We are also happy to advise you personally

We look forward to being able to help you.

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