Hubschrauber chartern

Charter a helicopter

No traffic jams or roadworks; with AIR LLOYD, you get started when you want!
Take off with AIR LLOYD and get started when you want!

Charter a helicopter

Personenbeförderung Hubschrauber

Passenger transport

Helicopter shuttle and charter flights

From A to B: the time will fly, and so will you. AIR LLOYD meets your tight schedules with the most flexible travel tool ever – the helicopter.

Passenger transport

Sichere Transportflüge

Freight and cargo flights

Limits? Fly over them!

We are committed to finding tailor-made solutions to your problems! Helicopters offer a spectacular range of flights, and we will spare no effort to tackle even the most unusual transport challenges.

Freight and cargo flights

Filmaufnahmen Hubschrauber

Aerial photography and filming

A change of perspective

See the world from above ... and capture it in unique film and photo shoots! AIR LLOYD makes it possible.

TV, film and photo shoots