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AIR LLOYD’s experience in the field of monitoring services and surveillance flights goes back to the year 1973. We have always strived for the highest possible quality standards and greatest possible safety, as well as demonstrating superior mastery of our core competencies in everything that we do.

In doing so, we actively counteract the problems inherent in the field, such as the large amounts of data, the timing of data transmission, feedback and dialogue management strategies, as well as the topics of long-term evaluation, data retention and data security. A central element in our implementation: the development of innovative aids and tools! Since 1993, AIR LLOYD has developed its own software for digitally-based aerial surveillance based on automatic data reconciliation between the airline company, the relevant network operator department and the contracted service provider. The software makes use of mobile radio. Safe, effortless, accurate.


Monitoring and surveillance flights

AIR LLOYD’s focus on the field of monitoring and surveillance has resulted in the stringent development of its own software programs, including the "Digital Pipeline Reporting System" (Digitaler Meldesystem Pipeline, DMP). AIR LLOYD began proprietary development of the follow-up series to the DMP, the "GeoworkPAD", in 2005. It has continued to update this software regularly, with Version III (2012) being the most recent release.

Using GPS, the exact location of each observation in the immediate vicinity of the pipeline is recorded and documented in a database.

The reporting system is adapted to the special, difficult conditions of helicopter surveillance flights, but can easily be used in other vehicles or in the office. Its functions include the collection of observation reports, the distribution of data, and the presentation of data on geographical maps with several illustrative scales or in tabular form.

In addition, the software is dialogue-oriented and has a modular structure, meaning that observations can befurther clarified by the pipeline operators. In addition, it is easy to develop and integrate special modules on request. Multi-level standardised reporting types take statistical analysis to an extraordinarily high level.

Conclusion: simple, time-saving and efficient software-based pipeline support!

  • The exact location of each observation is recorded in the immediate operational environment and documented in a database
  • Specially adapted for helicopter use, but can also be used in other vehicles or in the office
  • From collection of observation reports and distribution of data to representation on geographical maps
  • Special modules can be developed individually on request

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GEOWORKPAD© – Video version

Video included

The special video version of the GeoworkPAD © software enables the synchronous playback of videos taken over the pipeline environment (via Windows Media Player), as well as displaying your current position on the map. Using virtual highlighters, you can mark any number of places in the video or on the map. These can be reselected at a later point thanks to the handy selection tool, either from a list or directly in the map view.

The film can be fast-forwarded or rewound during replay by selecting a location on the map. Fast forwarding or rewinding the video synchronously shows the position/location of the helicopter/video image on the map. In this way, even long video clips remain clear and understandable. AIR LLOYD’s IT department is responsible for the preparation of video material and flight lanes.


The internet solution: anywhere, anytime

GeoworkNET© is AIR LLOYD’s web portal for the Internet-based presentation of surveillance flight results. Like the GeoworkPAD©, observations are displayed in a clear and detailed manner, either in table or map format.

The benefits of the various GEOWORKNET© versions at a glance:

Premium version Basic version
No software installation on your own PC necessary  
No need for data transmission, and no time wasted operating the database  
All you need to access the data anytime, anywhere is an Internet browser  
Several registered users per company can log in securely via a differentiated registration system  
Reporting history: listing of most recent observations in tabular form (without map display) Reporting history: listing of most recent observations in tabular form (without map display)
Depending on their responsibilities, different access rights can be set for different users  
The current flight status can always be checked via a receipt line Info line on the current flight status
A statement can be delivered with each report to inform the team's approach on subsequent missions (for example, a photo request for a specific reporting location)  
Reports can be generated and downloaded from any observation mission Option to download or print the flight reports
Other features: for example, photo documentation, Google Export  
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Safe, effortless, accurate

Since 1993, our experts and software developers have been striving for the highest possible quality and maximum safety. AIR LLOYD facilitates simple software-based IT solutions for monitoring and surveillance, all from a single source and - tailored to your needs.

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An interface for every occasion

The GeoworkBASE© software platform contains all the necessary data, both in the file system and the database, to enable data exchange (helicopter – headquarters – customer). In addition, it includes various software components for the import, export and processing of all relevant data. This data includes not only the flight results i.e. reports, documents and photos, but also all background maps, pipeline data and much more. GeoworkBASE© also contains tailor-made software components to provide numerous functions familiar from geographic information systems (GIS).

In the event that the customer has requested the flight observation results in a special format, the AIR LLOYD software platform of offers extensive options. Using special software, the data can be automatically converted into the customer’s preferred format from a variety of options (e.g. OSIRIS-XML, SARIS-CSV, Excel, XML, CSV, KML). Naturally, attention is also paid to the conversion of the required pipeline geometries and map data. Thanks to the system’s modular structure, new format conversions can be efficiently developed and integrated after consultation with the customer. And finally, a quick look into the future: soon customers will also have the option of direct access to the GeoworkBASE© software platform’s online services.

  • Contains the necessary data, both in the file system and in the database
  • Software modules for import and export
  • Includes flight results, background maps, pipeline data, etc.
  • Tailor-made software components
  • A wide variety of formats e.g. OSIRIS-XML, SARIS-CSV, Excel, XML, CSV, KML
  • Option of new, tailored format conversions
  • Online link to the GeoworkBASE© software platform

Development services

Professional expertise on request

AIR LLOYD has many years of experience in the development of software for digitally-assisted aerial surveillance. As pioneers in this field, we developed key concepts and principles that have since become standard. In close cooperation with network operators or their service providers, we have developed, and continue to develop, tailor-made, cost-effective solutions.

Project breadth may vary depending on the requirements:

  • Commission to develop special filters for the import and export of data formats
  • Commission to develop tools for special tasks related to the processing of flight results
  • Long-term cooperation to enable the optimal connection of a geographic information system (GIS) or pipeline management system (PMS) to the GeoworkBASE© software platform

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