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We get it: in addition to its high emotional significance, buying, operating and exploiting a helicopter is also a decision about and for economic results. Whether you use the helicopter as a private individual or for work purposes, cost analysis is an integral part of your decisions and actions. We offer an entire range of valuation services over time and the course of your investment.

Here you will find a list of our service catalogue's main areas of service

Value appraisals Here you will receive a certificate that shows the different objectives included in the value analysis of the helicopter under consideration. Here, the database is important. Choose from:
  • Current, past or future value
  • Residual value review
  • Market value analysis
  • Replacement cost
  • Restoration costs
Value chart appraisal How does the investment behave over time? When is the best time for recovery or investment?
Total investment cost consideration (TCO = total cost of ownership) What costs are to be expected in operating the helicopter over the entire time period?
Cost analysis over a "life cycle" (life cycle cost analysis) What are the costs of operating the helicopter over a life cycle, considering major components and/or overhaul cycles?
Consideration of direct maintenance costs (DMC) What are the projected long-term maintenance costs per hour of flight?
Consideration of direct operating costs (DOC) What are the projected costs (per hour of flight) when considering the total cost of operating a helicopter?
Evaluation of financing offers Which financing partners are there on the market, and how can you compare different offers?
Expert report on maintenance measures for your aircraft If you have any questions regarding the commissioning of maintenance for your aircraft, we will gladly help you with assessment, results monitoring and mediation of problem cases.
Supplier audits Do you want to check the quality of your maintenance or apply standards to ensure comparability and/or value retention? We offer a "supplier audit" that can answer many of these questions.
Arbitration of warranties and work contracts If you are looking for help with your argumentation with a supplier or seller, we can support you with our years of experience. Good arguments and/or insider knowledge often help to focus in on the essentials, that is, to find a solution to the problem.
Return/transfer of aircraft after hire purchase or leasing If you are looking for help in planning, executing or documenting property or rental returns, we support you with it or take everything over for you. This is also the case if you are planning a return. Auditing of current contracts. We check the course of the contract at appropriately planned points.


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